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Creating Smiles For Over 20 Years

There's nothing sweeter for the ones in your life than chocolate confections! Whether for the holidays or birthdays we have the best options out there. Brewster Sweets offers a range of delicious decorative dishes that include your choice of creams or truffles. Check them out in our gift section!

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rich and Creamy? 

We have the answer for you.

Nothing whets an appetite like the sight of fudge! Here at Brewster Sweets we love our confections, but we especially love fudge. Come check out our fudge case filled with great classics, like dark caramel sea salt, chocolate peanut butter, cranberry walnut, and more! We sell by the weight so you can collect the perfect amount for any occasion! 

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Need something on the go? 

We get it! Life gets busy so we have tons of super delectable pre-packaged goodies on our shelves. Don't let your busy schedule keep you from your chocolate hour. In our shop, we sell several items at various weights, allowing shoppers to swing by even when time is tight. 

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Craving something gummy? 

Sometimes we want something a little different.

Chocolate doesn't always cut it, and as crazy as that sounds we have those days too.  Don't worry we have something for everybody's sweet tooth. Plenty of children (and adult) favorites. Between our fruit slices, a strong line of Jelly Belly, gummy worms, frogs, sharks, and more we have what you're craving.


Why visit Brewster Sweets?

  We are a family owned shop in Lemon Tree Village where we have supported our community with delicious treats. We provide truffles, creams, fudge, and other apothecaries that we ourselves would share with family and friends. Support local, shop with love, enjoy with a smile.

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